Grab a brew, settle down, and hear about the curious tale of Tea…

The history of tea is quite an intriguing one...

You don’t have to travel far to find someone who loves a good cup of tea. Sweet or not, milky or strong, a steaming mug is well loved across the Nation, though the origins of the hot drink don’t actually stem from the UK despite the common belief. And now, on National Tea Day, allow us to take you back in time to where they did actually begin…

359 years ago, the story actually started in China. According to an ancient legend, Chinese emperor Shen Nung was sitting beneath a Camellia Sinensis tree when some of the leaves blew into the cup of boiling water his servant was holding. Nung decided to try this mysterious creation, and so forth ‘tea‘ was apparently born. While there isn’t actually any proof in this being the truth, what is known is that the hot beverage was extremely common in the country within the ‘Tang’ dynasty, which was from 618-906 AD. In fact, it was soon it was to be regarded as the drink of China.

Such roaring success saw tea eventually reach Europe in the 16th century. The Dutch were the ones responsible for its arrival, when they hijacked import routes from the Middle East used by the Portuguese. They worked quickly to establish the isle of Java as a trading port, and this was where tea would be first shipped to in 1606. It quickly spread to other parts of Europe, though due its high expense not everybody could afford to purchase it, and only the wealthy were able to enjoy it.

Can you imagine if it was like that now, with most people having to be forced away from their mid-morning brew?

And so, Tea reached British shores in 1652, with a small coffee shop in London becoming the first remembered provider. This seemed quite late at the time, though Britain had always been quite suspicious of continental trends and refused to get on board until they felt it was in their best interests to do so. It also took a while to truly take off, due to people’s curiosity creating a disturbing sense of fear. However, all the talk and concern for tea quickly faded when it was proved to be perfectly safe, and delicious, by a Portuguese princess named Catherine of Braganza, who married British King Charles II. Obviously having more experience of the hot drink than the British, she quickly made a positive case for it, and so forth its popularity grew, grew and grew some more.

All of this leads to an incredible journey that is still going on today, though it’s time to appreciate what we now have come to have, and for Coinadrink, the options are aplenty.

Of course, we have a range of traditional breakfast teas through big brands such as PG and Twinings, ready to be enjoyed either when you first get into work or after the stresses of the day begin to take hold. Each persons’ favoured beverage is extremely particular, though, and we’re not just talking about how much milk you put into your mug.

Speciality and herbal teas, also originating from China, are also on our hot drinks menu. Earl Grey, Peppermint, Peach and Lemongrass are just some of our options available over at our Refreshment Shop, so you’re able to delve into wherever the mood takes you. Each and every one creates a warming tone and feel, ready to relax yet motivate you in ways little else can, and such popularity in the beverage has led to machine manufacturers producing dispensers specifically for it. The classy Vitro S3 Fresh Brew Tea crafts a quality mug every time, all from a compact footprint that would suit your business no end.

We’re very proud of the inception of the famous hot drink, and we think you should be too. Why not take time to think about that next time you go to your hot drinks machine?

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