On ‘Get to Know Your Customers’ Day’…we like to think we already do!

We make a conscious effort to understand our customers needs...

Today is Get to Know Your Customers’ Day, though its somewhat of a baffling occasion in our eyes. Your customers expect a high level of service from you, so how can you meet their demands if you know very little about them? You shouldn’t dedicate just a single day in the calendar to get to know them, you should make an effort to do so before they’ve even purchased your product, and continue to do so throughout their time with you.

When you enquire about one of our machines, our dedicated marketing and sales departments will greet you in a friendly and helpful manner, keen to gain an insight into both you and your business as to recommend the best option for you. Of course, you don’t have to go with what we believe is suitable, but such individually tailored advice is a rarity in many other businesses.

Whether you fancy a hot drinks machine, snack machine, or water cooler, it’s reassuring to know that we aren’t tied to any manufacturer, meaning you will always receive an unbiased viewpoint every time. All we care about is you receiving a product that you’re happy with, whatever that product may be, and we’re always happy to assist in what you should go for.

However, the Coinadrink package is more than just great refreshments. Our hard-working team of operators will regularly visit your location to clean and restock your machine, because we know how important that hot drink or snack is and we never want you to be without. While we hope mechanical issues are few and far between, we also have an extensive range of knowledgeable engineers at your beck and call, ready to locate any issues and get you up, running and vending in no time.

You see, our customers are of the utmost importance to us, which is why there’s so many methods in place to keep you satisfied. Not only that, but we’re always aiming to raise the bar rather than let our current standards remain. We always provide an annual customer care survey to see exactly how we’re doing, and are keen to implement new ideas if you feel we could do better in certain areas.

At Coinadrink, we’re firm believers in actions speaking louder than words, and such a customer-centric approach has been pinnacle to the success we have received in our 55 years trading.

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