The Acorns Firewalk proved a burning success, with over £150 raised on behalf of Coinadrink…

The Acorns Firewalk - April 2017.

We made a big song and dance about our Sales and Marketing Manager Tom Williams taking part in this years’ Firewalk, courtesy of Acorns. Well last night was the night he braved the heat, and we’re delighted to say he did so admirably to raise funds in excess of £150 for the charity.

Hosted at the Black Country Museum, it was an event that had clearly caught the eye, with a great turn out to see the volunteers complete the walk. Fish and Chips were provided to those having to deal with the pressure, and of course a full health and safety training brief was carried out beforehand. We can assure you that this was no small task.

Regardless, Tom kept a lid on the tension, much to the delight of both himself and his supporters. Once again, we at Coinadrink are thrilled that we have been able to donate to such a fantastic organisation through a genuinely thrilling event, and Tom himself wanted to thank those who contributed to the Firewalk and those that generously donated.

Get a quick insight into the Firewalk here!

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