Helping Rhyan and Rhys follow their dreams…

The two boys enjoying their holiday with mum Natasha and big sister Courtney.

Coinadrink have been partnering with Promise Dreams for four years now, committed to helping terminally ill children make their dreams a reality. Some of the conditions these children have are truly heart-breaking, and the charity just wants to give them and their families some joy and positivity in what is a very difficult time.

Rhyan and Rhys, aged eight and five, suffer with the awful condition of Cystic Fibrosis, meaning extensive hospital appointments, medication and physio rob the boys of the childhood they deserve. As if that wasn’t bad enough, each lad has their own additional life limiting condition…

Rhyan suffers with Perthes Disease, which is a rare condition where the ball at the top of his femur bone crumbles and then rebuilds itself in the wrong place, causing considerable pain. Rhys has Wilms Tumour, which is cancer of the kidney. It led him to have his kidney removed aged just three, though unfortunately the disease could return at any time and abnormalities in recent scans meant Rhys had to recently have more tests done. Its naturally a worrying time for their mother Natasha and big sister Courtney.

Before the results of Rhys’ tests came through, they wanted to take the boys on a holiday to Spain as a way of a distraction. The accommodation was provided, though they struggled to raise the money for the flights as Natasha hadn’t been working in order to look after the boys. Coinadrink understood the importance of the holiday for the family, the hotter weather helping with coughs and colds as well as acting as a diversion, and we were delighted to help out.

And it seems it was a well deserved break! Natasha said “Living with all of this everyday as we do, holidays as a family mean so much more than many people can imagine. Living with these illnesses mean it is especially important to be able to make happy memories, for both the parents and the children. It gave us hope and something to look forward to.”

The charity are soon to be hosting this years’ ‘Walk for Dreams’ in order to raise funds for other children like Rhyan and Rhys. If you want to find out more information about this, or generously sign up, then visit the page here!

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