New Tyrells Crisps – Coming to a machine near you shortly!

Coinadrink have been providing your hungry workplace with sumptuous snacks for years. Crisps, cakes or breakfast bars, you can be sure that we cater to every mouth, but we’re always striving to keep adding to your machine.

In just a few weeks, we’re excited to announce that there’ll be two more additions to our range. Tyrells have been producing hand cooked British crisps for just over 15 years, and taste has been at the top of the agenda right from the beginning.

Their new Roast Chicken variety takes you back to the
days of a traditional Sunday roast; sat around the dinner table with your family, the vegetables being brought through, and the scent of meat wafting around and making your stomach’s grumble. Tyrells have cleverly managed to package this up into a handy bag ready to be
enjoyed on the go, and we’re sure they’ll be extremely popular.

Almost as if the company really do want to replicate a piping hot roast, also making an appearance are the root vegetable crisps. Beetroot, Parsnip ad Carrot are mixed together to create a flavoursome snack that transforms
the earthy characteristics into delectable little bites.Whether you mix the two bags together or just go for one or the other, Tyrells new flavours look set to hit the spot, and you can be guaranteed that you’re munching on the good stuff. Like all of their range, the bags are free from any artificial flavourings or preservatives, and are also gluten free and vegan friendly, meaning everyone can enjoy them!

Coming in just a few weeks, keep an eye out for them and give your snack machine a new resident.

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