National Pie Week – Celebrate the crusty creation with our Wright’s Pies!

Do you like a steak pie?

We all love a good pie don’t we? Catering to both the sweet and savoury tooth, it has quickly spun into one of Britain’s all-time favourite dishes. Though whether you enjoy a classic Steak and Kidney, or prefer the elegance of Apple or Blackcurrant, the pie is a treat that’s also filled with lots of history.

The pie actually derived from the Ancient Egyptian times, where the ‘pie like’ shape set the trend for a popular piece of food! This was later to be filled in with varied flavours thanks to the Ancient Romans; the first of which was goats cheese and honey. It sounds somewhat of an odd variety, though proved extremely enjoyable, and we can think of worse foods that were conceived during this sort of time period…

The pie developed into a familiar sight, and taste, from the moment it reached North Europe, though. This was during the 11th century, but the common ingredient of Olive Oil was practically unheard of, so there had to be a workaround. Butter and lard were chosen, and the fatty characteristics of such helped to mould and shape the pastry around the edges. To many, this is the very best feature of a pie and we’re inclined to agree!

And so, the ‘true’ pie was born. Filled with meat to begin with, it was a food of choice for many people during the 12th century, though it was a particular hit with those at sea who needed food that was easy to cook and long lasting. Fruit pies that are equally as popular today didn’t show their face until the 16th Century, when Queen Elizabeth ‘I’ tried a cherry pie. We reckon she enjoyed it!

It’s easy to lose count of the varieties that have appeared on our plates since. More fruit based ones such as Apricot and Rhubarb have arrived, not to mention the more popular Apple and Blackcurrant. Meat pies have broadened their range in the form of Chicken and Beef, while vegetable options such as Leek and Potato are also ones we’ve quickly become accustomed to. If that wasn’t enough, pies have taken on special times of the year such as the Mince Pie at Christmas though we know a few people that would happily eat them all year round…

It goes without saying, then, that the Nation loves pies! We at Coinadrink understand this, so it’d be rude of us not to provide our customers’ with what they want in their food machines. A quick visit to yours and you’ll find a tasty variety courtesy of Wrights. The brand has been crafting premium and shortcrust pies since 1926, and have been developing them to go into food machines for some time now. This means that if you ever don’t feel like making your own lunch at work, purchase something that has been freshly made by someone else, and something that tastes’ great too!

Now that its British Pie Week, there’s even more reason to, though it’s not as if you ever needed an excuse is it?

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