Loacker Wafers provide a succulent alternative to traditional snacking options

In the days when chocolate bars and bags of crisps enrich our vending machines, it’s nice to see something a little bit different but just as delightful. The latest of a new line of products sees Loacker Wafers make an appearance, originating from The Dolomites in the Alps and collecting masses of history since.

The Italian company was founded in 1926, and was a family business right from the word go. They state that they have always been passionate about producing pure and wholesome confections for the whole world to love, and the wide range of delicious products they craft is a fine example of that. Each of the ingredients used is completely unmodified and carefully selected, ensuring that what you’re eating has nothing artificial in it whatsoever.

Loacker have used their extensive experience to provide a wide range of varieties that will suit even the fussiest of taste buds, and we have cherry picked a special three just for you. Cocoa, hazelnut and vanilla cream options are enveloped in enticing, soft wafer, and are both now available through the Refreshment Shop and some of our snack vending machines. So, a different mid-morning snack for your employees has now been taken care of, while placing some in your reception is sure to please clients and visitors alike, too.

Each wafer is individually wrapped for personal delight, ready to be consumed either alone or as an addition to your favoured hot beverage. Take a closer look now!


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