Our water coolers help to get you on the path to healthy hydration!

Hydration with style…the B5 cooler.

Here’s a fact for you; if you’re not drinking enough water, your body is secretly suffering without you really knowing about it.

It’s quite often the case in children and teenagers, whose action packed, entertaining lifestyles remarkably can’t make room for regular hydration. Though while all you parents out there encourage your kids to change that worrying reality, it’s quite easy to forget that you need to consume enough fluids yourself. As a general rule, that’s 3 litres for men and 2.2 litres for women on a daily basis.

You may shrug off the need for regular water consumption by believing you feel perfectly fine. After all, you’re not hospitalised due to dehydration, or even feeling excessively dizzy. Unfortunately, though, that doesn’t tell anywhere near the full story. Ask yourself this. Do you ever feel tired during the working day, or feel as if you have no energy and motivation left? Do you often feel irritable, stressed, or maybe experience a headache or two during the working week? You may pass these symptoms off as life’s little struggles, but then ask yourself this final question; how often are you having a glass of water?

By now, we hope you’re linking the two together. Not consuming enough fluids has a detrimental effect on your body, and the symptoms are your bodies way of telling you to keep hydrated. It’s important that you take notice.

For all you employees out there, you can definitely do your bit to ensure your employees listen to such warnings. It’s interesting to realise, though, that it won’t just be your workforce reaping in the benefits. Think of it this way; if they have more energy within them to complete their tasks, not to mention feeling good in themselves, then their work will be done quicker and to a higher standard, as they have more motivation to do so. As a high-water consumption helps to remove toxins from the body, this leads to better kidney and liver function too, which is essential for a smooth digestive system.

So how exactly do you help avoid your workforce staying away from the office? Installing a water cooler, of course! Coinadrink are the refreshment experts, and deliciously cool water dispensers are towards the top of our specialities. So whether you’re after a floor standing or a tabletop variety, a plumbed in or a bottled option, you can be sure that we have exactly the sort of thing your business and employees want…and need.

Visit the website now for all the practical and stylish choices we have on offer, and get your business on the path to healthy hydration!

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