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Lyons Coffee Bags & Milfresh Sticks
Lyons Coffee Bags

Lyons have been crafting gorgeous coffee since 1904 right here in the UK, but believe that there’s no such thing as the right time or place in which to enjoy one. The company are striving to become the ‘everyday coffee hero’, suiting everybody’s needs with the finest of coffee blends.

They have put a lot of time and thought into this, and so forth their new Coffee Bags have made a revolutionary appearance. The vibrant new packaging is certainly home to a significant change in the industry of instant coffee, though the same great taste of Lyons has remained untouched.

The bags make it both simple and practical to brew your favourite cup; just pop one into a mug of boiling water and remove when it reaches a strength that your taste buds desire. Arriving in handy little bags fondly reminiscent of tea, they can be carried around in your bag or jacket ready to be enjoyed whenever you are, whether that be at home, work or out on the road.

With 100% fresh ground coffee enveloped in every bag, lovingly made to give you great satisfaction with every sip, you can be sure that you won’t have to make any compromises in quality.

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