Three weeks from now…we have a little something of interest…

The Facilities Management event is the star of all trade shows, somewhere that brings people together to share their ideas and create a long line of innovation.

It’s an incredibly popular couple of days; over 5000 visitors flock year after year, and it’s easy to see why. A long line of exhibitors will be there to show off the latest and greatest from their companies, so it’s a good opportunity to see what their products can do for your business. Coinadrink for one will be attending, and we certainly won’t be doing so empty handed. We are specialists in our industry and will be bringing along a sample of the latest machines from our range for you to see and try for yourself. Take a look below for a bit of a teaser!

The Karisma Fresh Milk is a state of the art bean-to-cup machine, delivering the highest quality fresh milk drinks from a conventional, stylish tabletop. So, whether a cappuccino, latte or flat white is your thing, you can be sure the Karisma will deliver. And it really does look the part; this machine delivers a stunning stainless steel design wrapped around a practical 7-inch touchscreen, so a long queue for its services is guaranteed!

Another machine joining us at the event is the floor standing Neo. This machine has the looks to suggest it’s been sculpted from the finest of artists, with a high end glossy finish to give any business a plush kind of feel. Its Easybrew technology exists to produce the perfect hot drink every time, whether that be tea or coffee, so you can rest assured that the Neo is more than just a pretty face. Your chosen hot beverage is selected through a practical 7 inch touchscreen, with an air of simplicity that replicates that of an iPad. Just tap what you fancy, and watch as the Neo crafts your selection right in front of your eyes. Magical.

Last but not least, the Klix Momentum! Ideal for larger businesses catering for over 40 people, this machine provides a quicker way for people to enjoy their favoured hot beverage. Able to be filled with over 1200 cups and deliver the customers’ drink in just 17 seconds, the Momentum never once slows down and slots nicely around your busy work schedule. Its user friendly, one touch operation only enhances the user experience, meaning there won’t be a very long wait at the machine when staff members need a boost.

This years’ FM show is certainly not one to be missed. You’ll be amazed at how much our machines will fit your business, so make sure you come and visit stand F212 to sample a few for yourself! The show runs from the 21st to the 23rd March and to save yourself time and hassle on the day, why not book here and ensure you’ll skip the queues on the day?

Regular attendees or new faces, we hope to see you there!

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