Coffee Is Big Business, And Now’s The Time For YOU to Cash In!

Introducing Coinadrink’s Coffee Tower.

In 2015, Britons spent £7.9bn on coffee. That was an increase of 15% over 2014 and it’s a sign that café culture is tightening its grip on the UK. So, what might this mean for you?

We think it could mean an extra source of income, and here’s why…

Let’s deal with the High-Street players first. There are now more than 20,000 coffee shops in this country; growth that has at its heart a 12% increase in the number of branded coffee chains, according to the Project Cafe 2016 UK report from Allegra World Coffee Portal. They’re turning over – wait for it – £3.3 BILLION per annum!

Costa, Starbucks and Caffè Nero lead the way, with 1992; 849 and 620 outlets respectively. It’s amazing, especially when you consider that, back in 1999, we were told that the market had ‘reached saturation point’… In those days, Starbucks had only just arrived on our shores and there were only 100 branches of Costa! That ‘saturated market’ has increased by 700% since then and what’s more, it’s predicted that coffee sales in the UK could DOUBLE over the next ten years.

There are now over 8,000 non-specialist coffee outlets in the UK and they account for almost 40% of the market…

We may well be telling you what you already knew when it comes to the High Street, but did you know that the non-specialist sector of the market, (which includes pubs, supermarkets, petrol stations and the like), is growing even more rapidly? There are now over 8,000 non-specialist coffee outlets in the UK and they account for almost 40% of the market – that’s more than branded coffee shops and independents.

We’re turning into a nation of coffee addicts!

Now, you can claim your share of the gold rush. We’re about to launch a ‘coffee tower’. A coffee tower? Think of those Costa or Starbucks set-ups at your local petrol station. A coffee tower is a coffee shop in miniature. They’re self-service and simple to use. The ‘tower’ houses the coffee machine, the cups, the sugar, the sweeteners, the napkins and the stirrers; whilst unseen, in the base cabinet, replacement supplies and milk are stored. You’ve almost certainly used one yourself and we bet you didn’t bat an eyelid when you were charged £2.50 – £3 for your favourite latté or cappuccino – and neither will your customers…

It’s a business opportunity that you simply can’t ignore.

To find out more about Coinadrink’s Coffee Towers and to understand how you can share in the profits that our infatuation with coffee is delivering, just get in touch.

Talk about the hen that laid the golden egg!



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