What If We Put All Our Small Change In The Same Jar?

angeloAs many of our customers are aware, Coinadrink supports a charity called ‘Just Small Change.’ We have a simple formula: every time somebody buys a bottle of water from one of our bottled water coolers, we donate a percentage. So far we’ve raised £750.

It’s not much, is it? In fact, it’s just small change…

However, as anyone who’s ever collected coins in a jar will know, over time, that ‘small change’ can turn into a substantial sum of money and with that in mind, we thought you might be interested to find out how that money is being used.

article-3-iringaJust Small Change believes that with training and support, microfinance can unlock the personal and economic potential of people in the poorest communities, by providing them with an opportunity to achieve ‘a life free from poverty, with dignity and purpose.’

The charity concentrates its efforts in sub-Saharan Africa, a region rich in resources – particularly in terms of the energy, talent and aspiration of its population. However, in contrast to other developing regions, little progress has been made towards the Millennium Development Goal of eradicating poverty in a region in which 414 million people exist on less than $1.25 a day…

extra-1Microfinance has a key contribution to make in this area and ‘Just Small Change’ is getting on with the job.

Many potential entrepreneurs are waiting for a chance to improve their lives through a micro loan. They hope to be sure of enough to eat, they want to be able to afford education and training; to improve their housing and healthcare, to hope for a better future.

Coinadrink is proud to be associated with Just Small Change. You can find out all about the charity here, or you can make a donation by clicking here. Just imagine what we could achieve if we all put our small change in the same ‘jar’…










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