Water, Water Everywhere!

… but what’s the best to drink?


Living in the UK, you’d be forgiven for thinking that drinking water is the least of our problems…

We take it for granted, don’t we? But water is the main component of the human body. In fact, wrapped up in all that skin and bone, we’re 55 to 78 per cent water, depending on body size. So, it’ll come as no surprise that regular water consumption has numerous health benefits and, as an added plus, it has no calories, no fat; no carbohydrates and no sugar.

The water we consume everyday plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body. Experts recommend we drink eight to ten glasses of it every day to stay tip-top.

The Borg B5 Water Cooler: ultimate elegance.

That’s why it’s massively important to have cool, crystal clear water on tap in the workplace…


Water is such an important element of staff refreshment that Coinadrink has a dedicated water cooler department, Aquatek, to take care of all your water needs. To ensure the highest quality, we use Wenlock Spring bottled water, famed for its unique blend of minerals and its delicate, sweet taste.

Bottled water coolers offer the ultimate flexibility: they can be placed wherever there’s a plug socket. Alternatively, you might decide to go bottle-free, with a plumbed-in POU (Point Of Use) water cooler that filters your mains water supply. You can choose to upgrade to a hot water boiler – ideal for meetings and conferences.

The Borg B5 Water Cooler: slim and attractive.

Our water cooler range has a solution for every circumstance. We offer basic, premium and high end ranges of both bottled and POU water coolers, with the exciting Borg B5 as the star of the show. A perfect marriage of high-end functionality and ultra-modern design the B5 POU Water Cooler will add an extra element of sophistication to any space. Take a look at it here.

We’re also introducing a new range of taps for those work places that would prefer not to have a water cooler, boiler or kettle. These taps deliver hot, cold, ambient and sparkling water in a range of configurations. They’re the perfect solution where space is at a premium, and there’s nothing better if you want to create a really smart kitchen area. The tap is operated using an under-the-counter system that we’ll plumb in for you –subject to a site survey.

The Quartz POU water-cooler. Smart!

With summer fast approaching and the promise of some warm weather – at last! Now’s the time to re-evaluate your ‘water at work’ solution, so why not speak to the experts? You know where we are!





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