Coming Clean And Coming Soon – It’s Karisma From N&W!

Coinadrink’s range of coffee machines is full of star quality – and that’s before we add ‘Karisma’!

Karisma is the new ‘super-automatic’ from N&W, the world’s largest manufacturer of coffee vending machines. N&W is based in northern Italy and much of the company’s success is down to its ability to recreate, in a machine, the subtleties of taste and aroma that characterise the classical Italian espresso experience.

So what makes this machine such a stand-out? It uses fresh milk!

We’ve got a Karisma on test in our workshop right now. You can enjoy all your coffee shop favourites, from a frothy cappuccino to a latte macchiato and everything in between. The quality of the drinks is fantastic, as you’d expect from N&W; but with our customers’ interests at heart, we’re making sure that Karisma is as easy to keep clean, (and healthy), as it is good at making drinks…

Because Karisma uses fresh milk, cleanliness is massively important. So, we’ve been delighted to discover that the cleaning system is excellent. It’s so simple to use: you leave the milk container in place and simply add cleaning liquid. The machine then adds exactly the amount of water required to dilute it; it runs exactly the right amount of the mixture through the machine to clean it, and then exactly the amount of clean water to rinse it. All automatically. There’s no room for human error at all.

You can even set an alarm on Karisma that reminds you to run its cleaning cycle…

Karisma isn’t available just yet, but when it does arrive, (hopefully around summer time) you’ll discover, like us, that a coffee from a Karisma isn’t ‘just like Italian coffee’ – it is Italian coffee!

So, why not register your interest? It’ll make you wonder, ‘who needs a barista?’ Simply click here.

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