New Kids On The Block

Coinadrink is delighted to welcome on board new recruits Samantha Woodhall and Tom Williams. Here’s the inside track on the new kids on the block…


Ask any manager in any discipline and they’ll all agree: a good team needs a mixture of youth and experience.

Most of our customers know that we ‘tick the box’ when it comes to experience. (You can read about our longest serving employee, Norma Graham, here and about how the list of eligible attendees for our annual Long Service Dinner keeps on growing here, for example).

But you may not know that recently, we’ve added a pinch of youth, energy and talent to our winning recipe, in the form of two new recruits, Sam Woodhall and Tom Williams, both of whom have long standing connections to Coinadrink.

Sam Edit
Sam Woodhall

Sam used to work for Iceland Frozen foods, which she describes (tongue in cheek), as ‘interesting and good for manning yourself up for the real world – long hours and hardly any days off!’

When she signed up for Travel and Tourism at university, working in Iceland wasn’t quite what she’d had in mind, but the job, which was never meant to be anything other than temporary, lasted for four  years.

Then her mum,  a Route Operator  here at Coinadrink, told her we had a vacancy for a sales representative and she applied. Unfortunately, Sam wasn’t interviewed because on paper, she didn’t have the requisite experience. However, she’d liked what she’d seen at Coinadrink and by now, she had the bit between her teeth. Eventually, such was her determination and application to landing the job that we invited her in to see us and the rest, as they say, is history.  At just 21 years of age, she has everything it takes to make a successful career in vending and we know our customers will join us in wishing her every success.

Tom Williams

Tom Williams’ story is an altogether different one. Also joining our Sales and Marketing department as Manager, Tom’s connection with Coinadrink is even closer than Samantha’s. He’s the son of our MD, Roger and he comes into the business having gathered considerable commercial experience as a London Store Manager with the retail giant ‘Toys-R-Us’.

So, whichever way you look at it, Tom, together with his partner and their newborn, are coming home…

Although he’ll spend a lot of time out on the road seeing customers, he’ll also be working on marketing – keeping all our customers up to date with what’s happening here at Coinadrink and in the wider world of vending.

‘We had to do something’, Roger Williams joked, ‘because the average age of the staff was around forty and we had to bring it down! Now, if you take me out of the equation, I think that the average is around twenty-five!’

Good luck and welcome, Sam and Tom.



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