Refreshing Times – Summer 2015 – Just Small Change Charity Update

As you may have read in our last newsletter, we have been supporting “Just Small Change”, a charity who tackle poverty in developing countries by providing small business loans. Our specialist water cooler department ‘Aquatek’ is donating a percentage of all water bottle sales to charity. We are pleased to announce the scheme has already made enough to help our first business.

Carolyne Anyango is a semi-literate dress maker with three daughters and a son. Her family had been stuck in a cycle of poverty and she was unable to send all her children to school. She survived on the money she made from mending torn clothes, but she couldn’t afford to do anything more.

After receiving her loan, Carolyne has bought a sewing machine and now makes new clothes and sells African design fabrics. She has said that in a week she can make six items that sell at around Kshs 1000-1500 each (£6-£10). With the profits she can support her family and get a proper education for her children. Not only that, but she can also repay the loan, allowing the money to be passed onto others in similar situations.

The support and money from Coinadrink and their customers has given people such as Carolyne Anyango not only the opportunity to start a business but the gift of hope to her and her family. Asante sana (Thank you!)”


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