Bask in the heatwave, but don’t forget to keep hydrated!

It’s somewhat a rarity in this country to be filled with promise upon viewing the weather forecast, yet we have reason to be excited for this coming week. The whole of the UK are set to revel in scorching temperatures to which will peaktoday, and the hot conditions are set to rival those in Spain and Greece. While this will be gratefully appreciated, it does mean that the importance of keeping hydrated is higher than ever.

The European Food Safety Authority recommends that men and women should drink around 2 and 1.6 litres of fluid each day respectively. However this is only the basis of what should be consumed and if the temperatures are high, then more water should be drank. It’s scarily common as to how many people only reach for a drink when they’re thirsty, yet by this time their body will have lost about 1% of its fluid. It’s advised to sip water throughout the day, regardless of whether you feel you need it.

It goes without saying that it’s vital to keep our bodies hydrated, citing the reason as to why it is now a legal obligation to provide a source of drinking water in the workplace. If you ever feel like you’re tired or have a lack of energy while at work then it’s probably because you’re dehydrated; drinking water on a frequent basis helps the brain to function properly.

As an employee you will feel more positive and as an employer you will notice a rapid increase in production at work. Why not use this heatwave as the incentive to install a water cooler in your workplace? Coinadrink provide a wide range of fantastic coolers which offer a simple yet delicious way to keep hydrated. Our specialist water division, Aquatek, offer both bottled and plumbed in coolers meaning that there is bound to be one suited to your business.


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