The hottest new trend in vending has arrived

Micro Markets are here and they’re ready to re-shape your food-vending experience. From the leaders in healthy vending, they will provide a futuristic approach that again shows how far the industry has travelled over the years. Fresh Micro Markets are self-service, unattended machines that enable you to enjoy fresh, healthy choices in corporate locations suited to you. In short, they’re brilliant and Coinadrink are joining the hype with our new Express Refreshments market.

Traditional vending machines have provided us with a supreme level of enjoyment and Micro Markets are looking to expand on that. Encouraging healthier lifestyles, they are designed to aid businesses in employee work rate and lower employee absenteeism. Micro Markets will make your life easier simply because they target you in particular. These are in ways such as providing products that will much healthier for you.

To add to that, you get to control exactly how much you charge for your goods or in other words, you are acting as the ‘shop’ owner. You decide exactly what you sell, how much you charge and the ‘opening’ times. This puts you in control, adds a more personal touch to vending and you no longer simply use the machine as an acquaintance to your business; it is instead now part of your business.

It’s also better for customers. Because the products are on accessible shop shelves rather than behind a pale of glass, they can look at and compare ingredients before they decide to buy. Needless to say, this simply isn’t possible with standard vending machines.

It’s amazing as to how many products Micro Markets provide for your machine. Nutritious options such as fruit and porridge pots provide you with a healthy breakfast that you will be desperate to get to work for while a sensational range of fresh sandwiches, wraps and pasta pots ensure you have your lunch covered too. Snacks such as crisps, nuts and a wide range of cakes, all the time being health conscious, are available for those times when you just need a pick me up!

Different cooling options are available for different goods, so your milk won’t be warm and your chocolate won’t be chilled. To add to that, if the temperature alters too much from what it was intended to be then the products simply will be banned from sale until the problem is fixed.

Micro markets are the future of vending and it’s incredible to see the potential they boast in making your workplace a better place to be. Why not have one in your workplace? Visit Coinadrink for more details.

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