See how far your money goes with Promise Dreams

Promise Dreams are committed to helping young people with unfortunate illnesses achieve their dream, and now we can prove to you just how far your money goes.

Olivia is a 16 year old girl who is suffering from a condition called Leigh’s Syndrome which is a neurological disorder that affects your mind and the ability to move. It’s horrid to see just how this can attack a person’s life, yet it seems nothing is able to bring her down.  Olivia may be a permanent resident at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, celebrating her 16th birthday there, but she is full of humour and positivity, always showing her smile!

Circumstances don’t always make this easy though. Olivia has been at home for 3 months now which is something of a record for her and her family, though when the time does come to receive professional attention, staying away from her loved ones can be very challenging. Using the money that you helped to raise, we have managed to purchase an iPad for Olivia so that her family are now never more than a video call away!

Its heartbreaking to see just how different Olivia’s life is to the one that we know, yet Promise Dreams has always been there to help place positivity into young people’s lives’… not that Olivia needed any of that! We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped make a difference to Olivia’s life; you’re all fantastic.

We hope that with more money raised, most notably at this Septembers’ charity walk, we can help make a positive difference to somebody else’s life. Sign up today and make your money travel a very long way.


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