New – The FLAVIA Barista

The latest edition to the Coinadrink range is the new Flavia Barista.  The Flavia is a single-serve office brewer that can provide delicious coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos and authentic espresso’s.  Perfect for small to medium sized sites, these machines are a great fit for offices and reception areas.

Mars have all but perfected the way the consumer will choose their selection, with a large display featuring well shaped, stylish buttons that go hand in hand with the stunning design on offer. Sizes come in small, medium or large and there are further options as to the dimensions of your cup.

Mars understand that not everyone consumes their coffee in the same place, which is why the machine will adapt to your needs. You can receive a well needed kick with an espresso, a soothing latte or the ultimate coffee ‘on the go’ with a large flask. Whatever your needs, the Flavia machine will change its tray capacity to accommodate different volumes of beverage.

And each and every beverage will taste incredible. Using single serve freshpacks, the machine makes it easy to place them in and only fresh ground coffee and real leaf teas are required. Open the left door for brewing coffee, tea, hot chocolate and froth for cappuccino’s and latte’s or open the right door for producing authentic espressos.

Try the Flavia Barista today and change your hot drink consumption.


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