Mrs Crimbles have now arrived in your machine!

Snacking has always been something we have enjoyed, and often acts as a fantastic pick me up during the day. Mrs Crimbles’ have been around in machines now for a while and provide tasty, baked snacks that you are sure to enjoy during the working day. What really makes them unique however is that these sumptuous treats are gluten free, meaning that everyone can enjoy them whenever they want.

What is rather surprising then is the fact that they’re not showing the levels of popularity that we thought they would. Maybe you haven’t realised that they are in your machine yet, or you’re just unaware of their advantages in comparison to other snacks out there, but Mrs Crimbles’ provide snacks to really fit that gap in the market.

The freshly baked goods have been around for over 30 years, meaning they must be doing something right! With options such as cakes, crackers and crisps all available at your disposal from the machine, there is something for each taste bud and each and every one is made to fill that gap in between meals.

See what all the fuss is about and try them for yourself!

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