Macmillan coffee morning is soon to be here again!

It is tragically estimated that by 2020, over one in two people will suffer from cancer at some point in their lives. Macmillan has been committed to providing care and attention to those diagnosed with cancer for years and years, so that nobody has to deal with it alone.

Being diagnosed with cancer is a frightening experience for both the victim and their loved ones around them, so Macmillan want people to come together and remind people that it is cancer…against absolutely everyone! Regarded as the ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’, millions of pounds get raised each year to ensure that the required level of assistance is always met to the sufferers, and a whopping £25 million raised last year alone is sure to go a long, long way! This years’ big day is Friday 25th September, so make sure you stick it in your calendar!

So how do you get involved? Holding a coffee morning for people to attend is great fun; you can enjoy a natter over a delicious hot beverage and enjoy sumptuous treats while you’re at it. People make donations upon arrival, and at the end you can watch in admiration as your money gets distributed to change thousands, if not millions, of lives.

The Macmillan coffee morning is an opportunity to meet new people, have a fantastic time and ultimately…help people suffering with such a dreadful disease. Find out where you’re nearest coffee morning is held or alternatively, why not hold your own? Visit the website for more details.

Remember, the big day is Friday 25th September!

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