Express Refreshments puts a different spin on traditional vending

The Micro Market is revolutionising workplace refreshments!

For when vending simply isn’t enough, Express Refreshments are there to provide a unique way to consume food and drink in the workplace. Our 50+ years in high quality vending have enabled us to create what we believe is the first Micro market in the UK and once you try it out, you’ll find it hard to go back.

We are always committed to providing the best systems and services and were not afraid to cross the boundaries of what’s possible in order to provide them. While vending machines have set a sturdy base over the years, Micro markets have the ability to take them to the next level and offer an actual ‘shop’ in the workplace.

They take advantage of any existing, large space you may have in your workplace and put in place a store that you and your workforce can purchase goods from. It really is like walking into your local convenience store, yet it’s in your business! Many people can easily overlook the true value of such an idea yet Micro markets will provide a new way for your workforce to gain refreshment during a busy day and nothing can really compare to it.

One of the most important benefits is health. As Express Refreshments is part of Coinadrink, we provide the products to go in your store and we don’t offer anything but the best. We all know how important healthy eating is for us, not to mention the productivity benefits it can provide for your workplace. While all our goods are of a wide, tasty variety, we see little point in providing low quality food and drink so you rest assured that you will be consuming something nutritious and nourishing.

Micro markets make it easier to ‘check before you buy’ due to accessible shelving that provides goods within an easy reach; simply put the product back if you decide it’s not for you. Self-service may be a new idea in businesses, yet it’s hard to believe how simple and straightforward it is.

Not only will it give your workforce, and clients, the chance to gain a closer insight into what they are eating but it also limits the need for them to head out the building to find something healthy to enjoy. This will obviously mean they are on hand if ever you need them, while giving them more time to enjoy their breaks. It’s not particularly advisable to have lots of cash on the premises, so Express Refreshments looks to solve this problem too. It uses a credit based system and we will provide every member of your workforce with a swipe card that they can use to purchase their goods. It’s also extremely simple to top your card back up through the use of your own account. Micro markets offer a sense of joy in your workplace and a happy workplace equals a hard working workplace.

However they may not be for every business, so why not call us to see whether or not they are suited to yours? We will check for any available space that can be used, while then determining what sorts of products are best. Micro markets are supposed to be personal to you and your business, so we will only offer products that everyone enjoys and if you ever want something else available to consume, it’s just as easy as picking up the phone!

Micro markets, putting a different spin on traditional vending…

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