Don’t get caught out this summer, get your eight glasses a day!

It’s common knowledge that drinking fluids is vital to our body functioning properly and avoiding dehydration. Water makes up two-thirds of the weight of a healthy body so drinking enough, or sometimes more than enough, is vital.

If you’re one for putting faith into the weather reports, then you’ll be aware that this June is set to be one of the warmest in an extremely long time. This is all well and good; there are very few people that don’t enjoy a bit of sunshine, but it’s important that we stay safe during the rise in temperatures and that means drinking more than we originally should be. It is believed that at least eight glasses a day are about right.

Of course, this is information that a lot of people already know, so why are a lot of people failing to take notice? It may be because we’re unawhere of the facts regarding dehydration. Many people naturally reach for a drink when they’re thirsty, yet this symptom is actually the start of becoming dehydrated and isn’t a good sign regarding your fluid consumption. You may not be getting enough, so it’s a good idea to sip liquids throughout the day.

Something else people may not know is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a refreshing cup of water you should consume; tea or coffee are perfectly up for the job so don’t quite disregard your hot drinks machine yet. In reality though, a cool drink is the first thing to reach for during warm weather and it’s now time to be getting prepared as the climate warms up.

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