A warm welcome to the Storm Bottom-Load cooler from Crystal Mountain

For more than 20 years Crystal Mountain has earned the reputation of producing high quality products and superior levels of customer service and their know-how has consistently been called upon when producing their high end water coolers. Their new product to the range, the Storm Bottom-Load cooler, is no exception.

Being the latest model in the company’s long line of coolers, the bottled Bottom-Load is built for style and substance with no corners cut. A high gloss finish with a stainless look and sliding front door will provide all the style you could want in your reception or office and more to go with it! While the looks will dazzle in any environment, the key feature on this cooler is more to do with simplicity, however. The majority of bottled coolers need the bottle to be placed on top of the machine, though the Bottom-Load cooler is more or less as the name states; you simply place the bottle in the bottom with little effort, meaning there is no more strain on your arms and a decreased chance of any spills when it comes to replacing the water. And when we say with ‘little effort’, we mean with ‘little effort’. The Bottom-Load features an easy to remove reservoir system that takes a minute to change, while the LED indicator tells you when it needs to be replaced. This enforces a new era for servicing!

In times when efficiency is rising to the top of the list for consumers’ needs, the Bottom-Load cooler from Crystal Mountain won’t let you down either. The cooler is energy star certified which means it reduces greenhouse emissions while it still has the power to produce great tasting, refreshing water. Visit their website today and take a look at the product that is further helping to re-establish the water cooler industry.



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