Coinadrink help to promote Just Small Change…

Charity work has always been an aspect that Coinadrink are particularly keen on, and we are proud to say that we are doing our bit for yet another good cause, Just Small Change.

The microfinance charity aims to support the growth of businesses in developing countries, offering many an escape route from poverty. They ensure that small scale loans are provided, as well as saving schemes and business training to ensure that poorer countries have a ray of hope in economic development.

Clearly it’s beneficial for each and every individual too. A regular income can work wonders and help them meet there own daily needs in areas such as food, shelter, basic healthcare and education. This encourages them to live a life they deserve.

Coinadrink want to do as much as possible to help and for every water bottle that we sell, we promise to make a valued donation that will go a long way. If you already have bottled coolers with us then you are already making a difference and if not, what are you waiting for?

To understand more about Just Small Change, visit the website at

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