The different aroma’s of coffee…

As a hot drink, many would argue that coffee has it all. Working as a pick-me-up, it offers a perfect source of energy and provides varied unique flavours that are individual to all of us. While there are many benefits to drinking coffee, it is the aroma that draws many of us in. Capable of perking is up the moment we capture its scent, good coffee must go hand in hand with the aroma and if it fails to, it simply wouldn’t be a good coffee.

Just like the wide range of coffee’s available to have, there are also varied levels of aroma to go with it, each providing a different smell for many of us to enjoy. What’s so fascinating about the aroma of coffee is that it features as many as 1000 aromatic compounds that stimulate the coffee drinkers’ nose.

The aroma is released during the roasting process, to which the roaster has the ability to perfect the scent by controlling the amount of time the beans are in the roaster for as well as how high the temperature is set at. However the smell of the final product largely depends on the type of coffee that it is, with certain aroma’s including that of a fruity, earthy, woody and nutty scent.

In general however, you can tell the difference in aroma between that of Robusta and that of Arabica beans. Robusta tends to have a more intense scent while the latter is a bit more characteristic; often regarded as fruitier and citrusy.

Many regard a coffee’s aroma as unique to every person, so which do you prefer? Do you like the woody, natural scent of Robusta coffee beans or are you more of a personnel with the fruitier scents of the Arabica beans?

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