Coinadrink staff prepare to ‘Walk for Dreams’

On 21st September 2014, Coinadrink will be completing the 9 mile walk in order to raise money for terminally ill children as part of ‘Walk for Dreams’ and these are just some of the staff that will be taking part! Coinadrink, or rather, The Vendies, are grateful for all your support in the matter and we can only hope for hot, or at least dry, weather to help make a great day!

Promise Dreams, the charity, is a superb cause that tries to make life easier for terminally ill children and teenagers and their families by making their dreams come true which include a holiday away or simply just time out from all their treatment. Coinadrink realise the importance of such a charity and are determined to help the children as well as provide valued support for their families. And one of the best ways in which to do this is to raise as much money as possible from the event.

While none of us can forget the real reason for the event, we are also determined that it should be something everyone should enjoy and if you want to turn up in fancy dress, then we would definitely encourage you to do so! We hope we can raise a lot of money during this day and if you want to show up and give us that all important voice to keep spirits high then come along and support The Vendies!

And remember, there is still time for you to register for the walk and donate that important money that will go such a long way so please don’t hesitate!


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