Coca Cola Life – the lighter way to enjoy coke

Whether or not you know, it has been 8 years since Coca Cola last released a product onto the UK streets, yet, because their cool beverages are so popular, those 8 years have just flew by. While we all enjoy the fizzy beverage, for many of us Coca Cola has always been a guilty pleasure. Diet coke helped ease the self-accusation and coke zero hoped to mix the best of both worlds through taste and health. While each and every option offers something different, a new baby brother has arrived on the scene in the form of Coca Cola life. According to the brand, it aims to provide the goodness of their existing range of low calorie options yet does so from purely natural sources and then adding sweeteners. So now they’ve cast their net even further to help capture everyone’s sense of taste.

At a time when we are becoming more and more conscious about what we eat and drink, Coca Cola have answered our worries and ensured we can enjoy the great taste of coke in its healthiest ever form. It is made with a blend of sugar and the stevia leaf extract, a natural sweetener in order to make a great tasting drink with fewer calories. The plant extract first appeared on UK shores through Sprite, the tangy lemon and lime drink, and was a huge success which paved the way for its appearance through coke too. It has been used in South America for over 200 years and is the only extract of its kind to produce such a natural, hearty sweetener. And due to the fact that no taste is lost, leaving you with the standard coke tang, it really could be the perfect drink. To emphasise its unique qualities, the brand have even changed the colour of its packaging from its standard red to a more eco-recognised green. So don’t forget when you’re hunting round for one!

While there is nothing wrong with other forms of coke, each and every one appealing to different people, Coca Cola life provides a new source of the popular drink and it really must be tried!

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