Mark Black Country day in style

Today is Black Country Day and is definitely a great occasion to show your love of the Black Country and all things linked! Black Country Day began when people wanted to commemorate the invention of the Newcomen Engine which was the first to make use of the power of steam. Due to the Black Country’s influence on the Industrial Revolution, many people rightly feel that this is a special day that deserves to remembered.

Coinadrink are proud to be located in the Black Country area and have been serving the crowd since 1962 with our supreme range of water coolers and hot drinks machines that keep your workplace motivated and alert for their daily work. While we’re sure you will be thinking of unique ways in which to mark Black Country Day, we believe it is also the perfect excuse to have a hot drinks machine installed in your office just to make those chats about some bizarre events that bit more relaxing. Or, take time out on this day to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while thinking just how important the Black Country has been for our community today.

Give us a visit today and make Black Country Day that bit more special!

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