How To Organise Your Own MacMillan Coffee Morning

The MacMillan Coffee Morning is the charites biggest fundraising event, and each year members of the general public get to host their very own morning which predominantly takes place in the UK where MacMillan operates. The donations received for the coffee mornings go towards MacMillan’s fantastic cancer services.

In 2013, MacMillan received a total donation of £20 million from around 154,000 people.
Everybody loves to get involved with these meetings, because it’s a chance to share a cup of the good stuff with new people as well as help fund a fantastic cause.

What Does It Go Towards?

One in three people will unfortunately get cancer at some stage in their lives, and for most it will be the toughest thing to go through.

At this moment in time, there are 2 million people in the UK battling cancer. It’s projected that by 2030 there will be 4 million, and MacMillan want be there for all of them. So the money received goes towards medical, practical, emotional and financial support to push for a more efficient cancer care system. MacMillan are the team to help your fighting battle against cancer, that little bit easier.

Sounds Great! How Do I Set Up A Meeting?

To get involved, all you need to do is sign up on MacMillan’s official website, and from there the lovely people behind the scenes send you your very own Coffee Morning kit, full of the bits and bobs you need to make your morning a great success.

Speaking of success, it’s a good idea to learn some key tips on how to make your Coffee Morning go down as smooth as the tasty beverage.

  • Invite Everybody. The more the merrier is most definitely the way to go. Get creative by sending out cute and quirky invitations and post it up online to attract interest from all over!
  • Ask For Money. It’s all so simple, ask for a donation when distributing the coffee and cake, they won’t be able to resist! Also, inside you Coffee Morning you’ll find a Sweepstake game – use it because it really draws in some entertainment and helps give your donation goal some real umph!
  • It’s All About Presentation. Indeed, making your Coffee Morning look warm and welcoming is pivotal. People want to be relaxed and just enjoy chatting amongst each other. So again, get creative by making signs for your coffee and cake stand, hang up some bunting and really show it off!
  • Goodies. A Coffee Morning isn’t complete without some tasty goodies. Deep down, everyone has a sweet tooth, so cooking up some delicious baked goods of different variety will give everybody that sugar kick to get talking and get involved.
  • Get Inspired. Checking out some of the Coffee Morning’s in the past is probably a must-do! You can see some of the wonderful displays by searching for MacMillan’s website via google!

So here’s your chance to make time for what’s really important. Making new friends, chatting with old friends, getting creative, but most important of all – helping fund a fantastic cause that touches so many lives.

What are you waiting for?

image source: Flickr

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