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AA First Arctic Chill 88 CL2

The Arctic Chill 88 CL2 plumbed-in water dispenser provides a contactless dispense to provide complete peace of mind during these uncertain times.

Simply hold your hand or finger 4cm in front of the infra red sensor positioned on the top right of the cooler, and your equipment will do the rest. This mains-fed water dispenser features an impressive 23cm dispense height meaning you can just as easy fill a water bottle as you can a cup or mug.

The Arctic Chill 88 CL2 water dispenser, available as a floorstanding or tabletop, will deliver between 30 and 40 litres of chilled water per hour, making it ideal for larger workspaces. And that’s not all.

Features & Benefits

  • A truly contactless water dispense.
  • One of the most hygienic water dispensers.
  • Available as a floorstanding or a tabletop.
  • Also available with a manual dispense if preferred.
  • WRAS approved.
  • Flood guard protects agains large scale flooding.

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Additional information on the Arctic Chill 88 CL2 contactless water dispenser.

A truly contactless water dispenser.

Now more than ever, we’re all looking to promote a safer workplace that will provide staff with the peace of mind to do their job effectively.

A contactless water dispenser such as the AA First Arctic Chill 88 CL2 deliver beautifully chilled water without the user needing to physically interact with the dispenser.

Simple yet effective, the Arctic Chill 88 CL2 mains-fed water dispenser takes advantage of an infra red sensor. The user is simply required to hold their finger or hand 4cm away, and the cooler will dispense.

A truly contactless water dispenser.

Enjoy a contactless water dispense with the AA First Arctic Chill 88 CL2 plumbed-in water dispenser.

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